Working papers
Recent - Ignace De Vos, Gerdie Everaert and Ilse Ruyssen
Bootstrap-based bias correction and inference for dynamic panels with fixed effects
April 2015, 32 p.
  - Tino Berger, Gerdie Everaert and Hauke Vierke
Testing for time variation in an unobserved components model for the U.S. economy
April 2015, 41 p.
  - Andrea Albanese and Bart Cockx
Permanent wage cost subsidies for older workers. An effective tool for increasing working time and postponing early retirement?
April 2015, 45 p.

Data and computer code
- The Historical Trade Integration index
Worldwide estimates of the level of trade integration from 1880 to 1995
- The Bayesian Corruption Index
Worldwide corruption perception estimates from 1984 to 2012
- Bootstrap-based bias correction for dynamic panels
1. Matlab code for Everaert and Pozzi (2007, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control)
2. Stata code for De Vos, Everaert and Ruyssen (forthcoming, Stata Journal)

PhD dissertations
Recent - Corinna Ghirelli
"Unemployment: scars and preferences"
December 2014
Promotor: Bart Cockx
  - Time Buyse
"Public pension and debt policies in general equilibrium"
June 2014
Promotor: Freddy Heylen

Forthcoming - Palmisano, F. and D. Van de gaer, 2016, “History dependent growth incidence: a characterization and an application to the economic crisis in Italy”, doi: 10.1093/oep/gpw002

- Ramos, X. and D. Van de gaer, 2016, “Approaches to inequality of opportunity: principles, measures and evidence”,doi: 10.1111/joes.12121.
  - Baert, S. and E. Omey, "Hiring Discrimination against Pro-Union Applicants: The Role of Union Density and Firm Size", forthcoming in De Economist.
  - Baert, S., "Wage Subsidies and Hiring Chances for the Disabled: Some Causal Evidence", forthcoming in European Journal of Health Economics.
  - Cockx, B., Dejemeppe, M. and B. Van der Linden “Évaluation d'une politique de contrôle de la recherche d'emploi. L'apport de l'économétrie structurelle”, Fortcoming in Revue Française d'Economie.
  - De Vos, I., G. Everaert and I. Ruyssen, "Bootstrap-based bias correction and inference for dynamic panels with fixed effects", forthcoming in Stata Journal.
  - Everaert, G. and T. De Groote, “Common Correlated Effects Estimation of Dynamic Panels with Cross-Sectional Dependence” forthcoming in Econometric Reviews
  - Everaert, G., Heylen, F. and R. Schoonackers, "Fiscal policy and TFP in the OECD: measuring direct and indirect effects", forthcoming in Empirical Economics.
  - Isebaert, D., Heylen, F. and C. Smolders, "Houses and/or jobs: ownership and the labour market in Belgian districts", forthcoming in Regional Studies