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Conference on "Welfarist and non-welfarist approaches to public economics"
In honour of Tony Atkinson, Honorary Doctor Ghent University March 19, 2004

Ghent University and FUNDP jointly organise the conference on March 17-18, 2004. The conference will be held at the conference centre "Het Pand" (Onderbergen 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium) and is an activity of the IAP.

Conference programme
Last updated on 11/02/2004

Wednesday, March 17

14h25-14h30 Welcome
14h30-16h30 Session 1
14h30-15h10 Tony Atkinson (Nuffield): "Navigating welfare economies"


Walter Bossert (U. de Montréal): "Anonymous single-profile welfarism" (with C. Blackorby and D. Donaldson).


John Roemer (Yale U.): redistribution and the veil of ignorance
16h30-17h00 Coffee break
17h00-19h00 Session 2
17h00-17h40 Sören Blomquist (Uppsala U.): "Taxation and heterogeneous preferences"
17h40-18h20 Marc Fleurbaey (U. de Pau): "Is commodity taxation unfair?"
18h20-19h00 Erik Schokkaert (KULeuven): "Responsibility sensitive egalitarianism and optimal linear income taxation" (with D. Van de gaer, F. Vandenbroucke and R.I. Luttens)

Thursday, March 18

09h10-11h10 Session 3
09h10-09h50 John Weymark (Vanderbilt U.): "The normative approach to the measurement of multidimensional inequality"
09h50-10h30 Roland-Iwan Luttens (UG): "Lorenz dominance and non-welfaristic redistribution" (with D. Van de gaer)
10h30-11h10 Laurance Jacquet (UCL): "The normative analysis of 'tagging' revisited: dealing with stigmatization" (with B. Van der Linden)
11h10-11h40 Coffee Break
11h40-13h00 Session 4
11h40-12h20 Yves Sprumont (U. de Montréal): "Sharing the cost of a non-rival good: a fair incentive-compatible solution" (with F. Maniquet)
12h20-13h00 Koichi Tadenuma (Hitotsubashi U.): "International negotiations for reducing greenhouse gases with emission permits trading"
13h00-14h00 Lunch Break
14h00-15h20 Session 5
14h00-14h40 Guy Laroque (CREST): "Income maintenance and labor force participation"
14h40-15h20 François Maniquet (FUNDP): "Optimal family benefits when children are not held responsible for the wealth of their parents"
15h20-15h40 Coffee Break
15h40-17h00 Session 6
15h40-16h20 Fred Schroyen (NHH): "Can a mixed health care system be desirable on equity grounds?" (with M. Marchand)
16h20-17h00 Jean Hindriks (UCL): "Policy oriented parties and the choice between social and private insurance" (with P. De Donder)


People that want to attend the conference have to register for the sessions that they are interested in before February 21 at the following e-mail address: Registration will be confirmed the week following Feb 21.

The conference hotel is Hotel Gravensteen.

The nearest airport is Brussels National Airport (Zaventem). The airport has a good connection to the railway system (three trains into Brussels every hour).
Ghent has two train stations: Gent Sint Pieters and Gent Dampoort. The former is on a major line, and has several connections to Brussels every hour.

City information
Information about the city of Ghent can be found on the website of the city.


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