Glenn Rayp
Contact information
Address: Tweekerkenstraat 2
B-9000 Gent
Phone: +32(0)9/264.34.95
Fax: +32(0)9/264.35.99

Research activities

  • Research interest
    - Income inequality, redistribution and growth
    - Globalisation, regional integration and income inequality
  • Recent papers
    - Determinants and Dynamics of Migration to OECD Countries in a Three-Dimensional Panel Framework
    (with I. Ruyssen and G. Everaert)
    - Ménage à trois in a globalising world: bargaining between firms, low-skilled and high-skilled workers
    (with M. Dumont and P. Willemé)
    - Income inequality data in growth empirics: from cross-sections to time series
    (with N Gobbin)
    - Inequality and grwoth: does time change anything?
    (with N. Gobbin)

  • Publications

Teaching and other activities
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