Elsy Verhofstadt
Contact information
Address: Sint-Pietersplein 6
B-9000 Gent
Phone: +32(0)9/264.34.81
Fax: +32(0)9/264.89.96
E-mail: elsy.verhofstadt@UGent.be

Research activities

  • Research interests:
    Applied welfare economics: measurement and evaluation of well-being
    Labour economics: job quality

  • Recent papers:
    - Decancq, K., Van Ootegem, L. & Verhofstadt, E. (2013), What if we voted on the weights of a multidimensional well-being index? An illustration with Flemish data, Fiscal Studies 34(3), 315-332
    - Baert, S. & Verhofstadt, E. (2013), Labour market discrimination against former juvenile delinquents: evidence from a field experiment. Ghent University FEB Working Paper, nr. 13/852, 20 p
  • Work in progress:
    Verhofstadt, E., Baillien, E., Verhaest, D. & De Witte, H. The relation between the Job Demand Control Model and its outcomes: does it vanish with years of work experience?
    Verhofstadt, E., Verhaest, D. Overeducation and Job Satisfaction: the Role of Job Demands and Control
    Defloor, B., Van Ootegem, L. & Verhofstadt, E. A good or bad transition from school-to-work: who is responsible?
    Defloor B., Van Ootegem L., Verhofstadt, E. Measuring equivalent income using self-reported well-being information,
    Verhofstadt, E., Van Ootegem, L., Defloor, B. & Bleys, B. Is there a trade-off between individuals’ subjective well-being and their ecological footprint?

  • Publications