Christa Sys
Contact information
Address: Hogeschool Gent, departement Bedrijfsmanagement Mercator
Henleykaai 84 - 9000 Gent

Research activities

  • Research interest
    - Maritime transportation (especially container business)
  • Recent papers (for more information and downloads click here)
    - Sys, C. (2008). “Is container liner shipping an oligopoly?”
    (zal gepresenteerd worden op IFSPA’08)
    - Sys, C. (2007). “Measuring concentration in the container liner shipping industry”. In: Proceedings of the NECTAR Conference, Porto. Proceedings on CD-ROM.
    (gepresenteerd op de NECTAR Conference Porto – 9/12 May 2007)
    - Sys, C. (2006). “An economic analysis of the increase in container vessel scale”. In: Maritime transport: 3 / Olivella J. [edit.], e.a., Barcelona, Museu Maritim, 2006, p. 163-177.
    (gepresenteerd op 3rd International Maritime Conference (Barcelona))(ISBN84-689-8505-8)
    - Sys, C. (2005). “Optimal ship size versus optimal operations”. In:Proceedings of the BIVEC-GIBET Transport Research Day: 2 / Witlox Frank [edit.], e.a., Hasselt, Hasselt University, 2005, p. 81-108.
    (gepresenteerd/genomineerd op de BIVEC-GIBET Transport Research Day (Diepenbeek) voor Best Paper Award)
    - Sys, C. (2005). “Stability/instability of alliances in liner business”, ITMMA, Antwerpen.    
    - Sys, C. (2004). Het belang van de Antwerpse voorwaarden 1951. Antwerpen: De Lloyd.    
  • Publications

Teaching and other activities
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