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Contact information
Address: Sint-Pietersplein 6
B-9000 Gent
Phone: +32(0)476/51.32.37
Fax: +32(0)9/264.89.96
E-mail: daan.isebaert@UGent.be

Research activities

  • Research interests

- labour market performance, labour mobility and fiscal policy


  • Recent papers

- Brief introduction to my PhD in Dutch
- Longer introduction to my PhD in English
- Housing tenure and geographical mobility in Belgium
- Does homeownership lead to longer unemployment spells? The role of mortgage payments (with S. Baert and F. Heylen)


  • Publications

- Houses and/or jobs: ownership and the labour market in Belgian districts (with F. Heylen and C. Smolders)

- Huiseigenaars en/of jobs in België? Een micro- én macrotoets van de Oswald-hypothese. (with F. Heylen and C. Smolders)

Teaching and other activities
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